Seeking a Superintendent Position    
Concentrated preparation will be provided to help you compete for the most prestigious and fulfilling leadership position in education.  Dr. Ryder will help you select districts for application and prepare your paperwork to  get you to the interview table. A review of your knowledge, skills and accomplishments from past experiences will be assessed and reformulated to assure Boards you can effectively transition to the role of district superintendent.  In  addition to working with standard interview questions, you will be  provided with a 100-Day Plan that includes district goal setting and follow up publication templates to use during your first year as a superintendent.  

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  1. Are you being granted interviews when applying for advanced positions of leadership?
  2. Does your cover letter and resume stand out in the crowd and show paper screeners you're ready for the job?
  3.  Are you aware of the wide range of questions asked in interviews?
  4. Are you prepared for the challenges of the high stakes interview environment?
  5. Are you tired of coming in "second"?
  6. Do you need to talk to someone knowledgeable about job search particulars?
  7. Do you know how to inform your immediate supervisors about your plans to move up?
  8. Do you know how to ask for stellar recommendations from key people?
  9. Do you know what to do (announcements, resignations, etc.) once offered a new position?
  10. Will you know how to accept an offer of employment?
  11. Do you know how to negotiate salary or an employment contract?


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Executive Mentoring for Educational Leaders
If your plans include a promotion to the next level in educational administration, Dr. Ryder, owner and president of Ryder and Associates can be of help. Working together, we will set coherent and clear objectives toward accomplishing your goals. Professional services include developing a self-promotion plan, writing strategic cover letters, designing a powerful resume, and most importantly, engaging in a focused and deliberate interview preparation.  Results include higher career performance and increased confidence in your ability to gain your next promotion

Dr. Ryder was instrumental in helping me find an administrative position despite all the competition here in California. She was very insightful in determining just what I needed to do for a more professional cover letter and resume. I felt like I had a true friend whom I could talk to and make a plan for my success. Dr, Ryder is absolutely wonderful and I owe her a debt of gratitude now that I have a fantastic administrative position thanks to her help. .....David 



A meeting will be held to discuss the scope of work and set the framework for the coaching relationship.  We will target your career goals and assess your strengths and weaknesses to create a self-promotion plan for career advancement.  Southern California participants can arrange for a personal meeting and those in Northern California can schedule a teleconference. 


A promotion won't be in your future if you can't get to the interview table.  Many talented teachers and administrators never get to share their knowledge, skills, or passion for a particular job mainly because their paperwork needs WORK! 


Getting ready for an interview is like preparing for a marathon.  Learn  how to answer difficult interview questions by preparing your responses in advance.  Refine and polish your skills in mock interviews.


Dr. Ryder will coach you on informing your current employer you are looking for a promotion and what to do once you secure a job offer.  Unfortunately, many administrators are given misguided information  during this period. Together we will plan a strategy to avoid landmines when seeking new employment.   

Aspiring Administrators-Teachers      
Dr. Ryder will provide assistance with your resume, cover letter and interviewing skills. 

Moving Up -Current Administrators           
Intense preparation will be provided to help you rise above the large pool of qualified applicants also seeking promotions.  A sharp letter of application and resume is a must.